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Make a trip to the dentist FUN

Are you looking for a child focused dentist or someone to provide braces for your child? Then DinoDent is the right dental practice for your child! I have a masters in Paediatric dentistry, a diploma (together with multiple courses) in Orthodontic treatment.

I love children and, as a mother, I know how frightening it can be to go to the dentist. DinoDent has the best "state of the art equipment", including:

- A dinosaur dental chair that has a tablet (with Showmax) and an octopus that hide the instruments.

- Dog Therapy: "Mauzie" is a beautiful calm miniature schnauzer that loves to sit on the kids laps while dental work is done.

- A highly specialized X-ray machine that can show panoramic views of both the baby and permanent teeth together.

- An "AquaCare" machine that cleans cavities with water and salt instead of a drill.

- A "Dental Wand" (electric injection) that looks like a pen and is less painful and daunting for both parent and child.

Come play at the dentist with a jungle-gym, playstation, dvd's and lots more!


Dr. Amanda Marais MSc Peadiatric Dentistry


14 Helderberg St Stuart’s Hill Somerset West 7130

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